Today marks 6 weeks with our baby girl and I have a new set of favorite products that I use everyday!

  1. Baby Brezza Formula Pro Mini – I have been breastfeeding and using formula to supplement, and this machine makes making bottles so simple. This is basically the Keurig of baby formula. We can give her warm formula on demand. We opted for the mini because we like the idea that we can take this with us when we travel.
  2. Imani Wearable Pump – I have been trying to boost my milk supply, and my biggest challenge has been finding the time to sit down every 3 hours to pump. I LOVE that I can use this wearable pump and still do laundry, dishes or even hold the baby (on the side that I’m not pumping).
  3. Snoo Smart Sleeper (rental)- My husband and I were really hesitant to buy the Snoo because of the price. We both thought it was something that might be a bit frivolous. We had multiple people tell us that it was the key to getting more sleep and we were pretty desperate to get more. We decided to rent and give it a try! Before using the Snoo we were averaging about 4.5-6 hours of sleep per night, broken up into 3 hour shifts and she wouldn’t sleep in her bassinet, so we had to hold her. Now our girl is sleeping 4-4.5 hrs each time we set her down and we are averaging 6.5-8 hours of sleep. Sleep is priceless and I wish we had rented this from the very beginning.
  4. Bear Sherpa Baby Swaddles – We use these in the car, on walks and out to dinner to keep her cozy and warm. The bonus is she looks absolutely adorable wearing them!


Posted by:leahburbank

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