Finding cute, comfortable and affordable maternity clothes was harder than I expected. I saw a a few pregnant women on Instagram post that they purchased regular clothing, just in a larger size. I tried that out, and for me, it only worked for workout clothing and knit dresses. Once I reached about 24 weeks, regular tops in a larger size were just not long enough to cover my bump. I hunted for a very long time to find maternity clothes, and I’d like to share what I found. I mainly purchased basics that allowed me to pair with jackets and blazers that I already had in my closet.

These are the items I purchased with my rating out of ten.


  • Short Sleeve Tops 8/10
    • I wore these shirts almost every day because they are so comfortable. With a blazer or jacket over them, they are perfect for work. I gave these an eight because I wish there was an option with a higher neck, and I didn’t love the color selection.
  • Levi’s Maternity Jeans 10/10
    • My favorite purchase! I love these jeans and highly recommend them. I preferred the stretchy band at the bottom of the belly, over the type of maternity jeans that have stretchy fabric that covers the belly. These stayed up well and were comfortable throughout my pregnancy. I am still able to wear them postpartum.
  • Leggings 9/10
    • These leggings are so soft and warm. There is a variety of options for colors and patterns and they are really affordable! I gave these a 9/10 because I wish they were a little longer. (For reference I am 5″8 and they were a bit short on me)


  • Black Long Sleeve Tops 7/10
    • I was excited to try these long sleeve tops because they don’t have ruching on the side, and I really do not like ruching. I realized the ruching it what helps maternity wear be more form fitting. These shirts made me look really boxy. They were really comfortable though.
  • Men’s Sweater 10/10 (Other options)
    • When I couldn’t find cute maternity sweaters, I started looking at the men’s section of ASOS and they have SO many good options. They are longer and larger than the women’s styles, so they are perfect for maternity! The one I purchased is out of stock, but check out the other options link.


AVOID: I would not recommend Pink Blush Maternity. I was so excited to try their clothes because they seemingly have cute styles. Everything I bought felt cheap, the material was thin and nothing was flattering. My other complaint is that they use models that are not actually pregnant. It’s hard to look at models on a normal day, but seeing these gorgeous skinny women with a fake bump on is pretty off-putting while pregnant and feeling huge. I’m sure it’s hard to find actual pregnant women for every shoot, but it seems like a lot of other brands are able to do it.

Here are some of my looks!

I hope this helps you find something comfy and cute to wear!

XOXO, Leah

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