My baby girl is one week old and we are so in love with her. We’ve learned a tremendous amount this week and I wanted to share some of my favorite products we’ve been using.

Here are my favorite and most used products so far!

  1. Diaper Changing Pads – Disposable Changing Pads
    • For the first two days I was using washable changing pads, but for the 8-10 changes per day, I couldn’t keep up with the laundry and make sure we had a clean one each time. I ordered the 100 pack of disposable changing pads from Amazon and they are perfect. She seems to love to go to the bathroom as soon as we take of the diaper, so these are perfect to make sure that no mess is left behind.
  2. Pump – Spectra S2 Plus Electric Pump
    • You can order a pump through your insurance. I placed my order with Edge Park Breast Pumps and it came very quickly. The Spectra pump is super easy to use and the setting are really simple. My only complaint is that I do have to hold them on my breast, and would love if it was hands free!
  3. DockATot
    • The Dockatot Deluxe+ is extremely helpful for letting her rest while we need to set her down. She loves it and falls asleep immediately. This came highly recommended from friends and family and it lives up to the hype. (She’s snoozing in it while I write this).
  4. Velcro Swaddles – SwaddleMe
    • At the hospital we used the standard square shaped swaddle, which takes some time to learn how to tuck and fold the baby in. Plus when they are crying and moving their little legs and arms, it can be quite challenging to secure. We love the Velcro swaddles! They make the job so much easier and it takes no time at all.
  5. Baby Brezza – Sterilizer
    • We have been going through so many bottles and pacifiers and the sterilizer makes cleaning so much faster and simpler.
  6. Bottles – Avent Natural Baby
    • As my milk is coming in, we have been using some formula to supplement for our very hungry baby. We have tried a few different bottles types and the Avent is our favorite. Our baby latches easily to the nipple of the bottle, and we like that the bottle itself is a harder material. We tried bottles with the softer silicone material (Comotomo), and they are just too soft and the caps are impossible to get off.
  7. Onesies with Two Zippers
    • Onesies that have two zippers have been the best for changing. I like that we can keep her zipped up at the top so she is warm while we unzip the bottom to change her. Old Navy has some cute ones!
  8. Cubtale App –
    • The Cubtale App has helped us significantly to remember when we fed, changed, and bathed her. Since we are waking up every 2-3 three hours we are pretty exhausted and its hard to remember exactly when she fed or peed/pooped. The app lets your log each activity and amount so that you have an exact time for each.
  9. Pacifiers – Phillips Avent Soothie
    • These are the pacifiers that the hospital gave us and she loves them. The nipple size is perfect for her and they really calm her down. When I am trying to breast feed, she can get really fussy and its really challenging to get her to latch if she is screaming her head off. These get her to calm down so we can both work on getting a good latch.
  10. Hand Soap + Lotion – O’Keefe’s Working Hands Lotion + Soap
    • My husband and I have been washing our hands nonstop. By day three, my hands were bright red. burning and patchy. I thought I was having an allergic reaction to something! The next day my husbands hands did the same thing and we realized it had to be because of our soap. We were using SoftSoap Soothing Aloe Hand Soap and it was not gentle enough. We switched to O’Keefe’s working hands soap and lotion and I haven’t had the irritations since.

I hope this helps any new or future moms!



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