Hi friends!

My husband and I are in escrow for our first home and I’m SUPER thrilled to start the interior design process. I’m starting a new page that will track all of my home ideas and inspo. Eventually it will include photos of my home and links to anything I’ve purchased.

Interior design is not something I’ve ever really focused on because I’ve moved around so much…actually five times in the last six years. It’s never been a priority for me to decorate an apartment that has preset interiors that I wouldn’t have picked for myself. Now that I have full control over how each component in the living space will look, I’m deep diving in (…also my husband has some say lol).

Based on my extensive online furniture stalking, I’ve found out that my style is mid-century modern. (Not 100% on this though). Speaking of furniture, I’ve made a vow to myself that I will no longer purchase cheaply made IKEA furniture. It’s so tempting to see the cute modern styles at low prices, but now that I’m finally getting a house, I want furniture that won’t fall apart in 2 years.

I’ve complied a list of stores that have pieces that fit my style:

  • Affordable: All Modern, Target, Wayfair, World Market
  • Somewhere in the middle: Living Spaces, Home Depot
  • Splurge: Article, West Elm (Literally want everything from these stores)

Please tell me if I’m missing any good ones!

I have two spaces that I’ve come up with a solid design plan for: the backyard, and the guest bathroom (As my husband keeps reminding me, these project will take time + money, and I’m pretty impatient haha).

Guest Bathroom: I’m thinking I’ll start with the project that is low cost and I have total free rein over, which is the guest bathroom. I know neutral color palettes have a that clean, elevated, chic look, and that will be the vibe for the rest of the house. HOWEVER, I’m torn because I love color… (mainly pinks, blues and greens). The guest bathroom will be the one space that I add splashes of color with no regrets. The color scheme will be dark green, dusty pink, white, black, and polished bronze. I’ve already ordered the paint that I will be using to paint the cabinets! Check it out here.



Backyard: The backyard was strangely the first place I started designing. I think it’s because the stay at home order has me feeling really cooped up. Our current apartment has a patio, but it gets zero direct sunlight so I don’t really go on it. The plan for the backyard is to have a bit of a boho vibe (Think white, light wood, string lights and pampas grass). I want to plant roses, peonies and bougainvillea. I’m torn here with the flower colors because I want everything to look neutral and cohesive, but I also want like 1,000 shades of pink. (Also we will have a spot for my husband to put a grill…hehe).


Tell me what you think! Also please help me with ideas and places to shop.



PS. I’ve added a link to my TikTok on the sidebar. I’m legit obsessed with it.



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