If you have not yet been to the Amalfi Coast in Italy, please do yourself a favor and book a trip there! From the wonderful people, to the delicious food, to the spectacular views, the whole area is flawless. My honeymoon was by far the most beautiful and enriching vacation that I’ve ever been on. I left Italy with a whole new perspective on life, and a genuine feeling of bliss.

The Amalfi Coast consists of thirteen cities along the sea. We stayed in one of the most well know cities, for its colorful homes and steep cliffs, called Positano. One thing I did not know is that the entire city is composed of stairs! Never have I climbed so many stairs in my life, but it was definitely worth it!

We stayed at a boutique hotel called Hotel Miramare. It’s a little red hotel that you can easily see in all of the pictures of Positano. The staff was so friendly and helpful. It has a STUNNING view and lovely breakfast included. We had the room with the largest balcony and I was out there every day at sunrise.

DSC05430DSC04911DSC04817DSC05250DSC05249The second day we were in Positano we took a cooking class called Positano Home Cooking. Taking this class and meeting Chef Peter Capraro was hands down the best part of our trip. If you are in Positano and do not take this class, you are missing out on one of the best experiences of the city!

Peter is incredibly knowledgeable, generous, and one of the kindest people you will ever meet. He taught us about the biodynamic farming practices, which is a holistic and sustainable form of organic farming. He uses this practice in his garden from which he harvests most of the produce for the class.  For the food that did not come from his garden, he was able to tell us the region it came from, the families that owned the farms and how many generations they had been farming. In Italy, small organic farming is the norm, and the difference in flavor is incredible.

He paired wine so perfectly with each dish, even taking in to consideration our individuals palates and wine preferences before selecting each bottle. Peter gave us a bottle of wine made from grapes grown in the Calabria region of Italy, where my great grandparents are from! The entire experience was remarkable and truly unforgettable.


Capri, Italy.

We took a boat tour to Capri! We did not go to the famous  Blue Grotto because the line was 2+ hours long and all the water in that area is vibrantly blue.

Instead, with Peter’s recommendation, we grabbed a Caprese con Crudo at a local market, hiked up to a bench at the top of Capri and soaked in the sun.

There were many more tourists in Capri than in Positano!


Amalfi, Italy

We took a ferry from Positano to the city of Amalfi for a lemon tour. Many of the lemons for limoncello come from this area!


Places you must eat:


Positano Home Cooking !!

La Tagliata – It’s about a 15-20 minute shuttle ride from the main city. They provide the shuttle and it’s a little scary going through the very thin roads. The food is SO amazing. It’s all you can eat and drink for 45 euros!

Hotel Puppetto – This is around the corner from the main beach of Positano, past the Covo Dei Seraceni. The walk is beautiful and the food and wine is great!



Donna Stella Pizziera – It’s in a patch of lemon trees AND the pizza is UNBELIEVABLE.

More photos:


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