In celebration of our five year anniversary, Michael and I did another couples shoot. We started dating in February of 2014, during our junior year of college at UC Santa Cruz. It’s been a wonderful 1/5 of my life with him, and I’m very excited for our future.

To see how well Michael knows me after 5 years, I had him respond to a question list that I found on Facebook…😃 I know these types of surveys do not accurately measure how well you know a person, but they are pretty funny.

WITHOUT prompting, ask your significant other, these questions and write what they say:

•How tall am I?

5”7 (Close, I’m 5″8)

•What is my favorite thing to do?

Cuddle (True)

•What do I do when you’re not around?

Blog (And clean and sleep)

•If I became famous, what would it be for?

Blogging ( I would say making my own cosmetic brand)

•What makes you proud of me?

Your work ethic and creativity

•What is my favorite food?

Indian (I do love it!)

•Where is my favorite place to eat?

Grandma Kim’s ( Yes I eat there a lot but, my favorite place has to be the Veggie Grill)

•If I could live anywhere, where would I live?

Italy (YES YES YES. I would move to Rome tomorrow if I could)

•What do I do to annoy you?

This survey (haha)

Who is my celebrity crush?

Blake Lively (She is goals AND I love Ryan Reynolds) and Liam Neeson (He’s a handsome older man)

•You get a phone call that I am in trouble, what is it for?

You don’t get in trouble

•Where is my favorite place to visit?


•Do you think you could live without me?

No (How cute!)

•What is my favorite movie?

Moulin Rouge (Yessss)

•Whats my favorite drink?

Depends on the night. Vodka soda, Justin Cabernet and Amber ales. (All true)

•What gets my temper going the most?

Me (He’s right, him)

•Whats my shoe size?


•Describe me in 3 words

Squinty – little – boo (This is true, I squint when I laugh)

Photographer Details:

All photos taken and edited by Danya Migdali. Follow her here on Instagram!

Can we all take a second to appreciate what a seriously talented photographer Danya Migdali is!!! I tried to limit this post to my absolute favorites from the first part of the session and I had trouble narrowing it down because I fell in love with EVERY single photo she sent me! In addition to to being an amazing photographer Danya is also genuinely kind, funny and makes you feel at ease in front of the camera. Please check out her portfolio and contact her for portraits, family photos, senior portraits, and couples shoots!

Shoot Details:

Location : Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park 10700 West Escondido Canyon Road, Agua Dulce, CA 91350

Smoke Bombs: Shipped Yesterday

The Outfit:

Dress: Venus Long Sleeve Flare Dress in Merlot by Show Me Your Mumu – I’m selling it here!

Shoes: Yaro Ankle Strap Sandal by Sam Edelman

Flower Crown: Made by Botanical’s by Thania! Thania an I went to the DTLA flower market together to pick the flowers and it was so much fun! She also does classes on how to make succulent arrangements. Follow her on Instagram.

Earrings: Miana Tassel Earrings from Bauble Bar



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