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A few weeks ago I had brunch with friends at Cafe Gratitude in Downtown LA. Cafe Gratitude has super delicious plant-based dishes, that fit perfectly in to my mostly vegan diet. I love the food, the vibe and the “question of the day” that is asked by the staff. Our question of the day was, “What inspires you?”

My mom is my biggest inspiration. She went through a lot dealing with my dad and his struggle with mental illness, and still remains strong and positive.  As a mother, she has always been extremely supportive, loving, patient, generous and selfless. As a professional, my mom has succeeded immensely in the time that she focused on her career. I truly admire how respected she is among her peers.

Michael’s mom, Laurel, is another one of my inspirations. Laurel has also been through many hardships and came out stronger from them. She’s very career driven and self-sufficient. She always shares in her success and is extremely generous with her family and friends.

I’m so grateful to have these strong women in my life. They truly inspire me everyday.

One of my friends at brunch was the photographer who took all of these AMAZING photos, named Peter aka The Fashion Funeral. After brunch we scouted out places to do our shoot, and Peter found these stunning snake steps leading up to the fourth street bridge. The design on the steps perfectly complemented the edgy aesthetic from my outfit.

I fell in love with the Embroidered Vegan Moto Jacket from Free People instantly. I rented it from RTR, but you can buy it on Free People’s website as well!

The sweater is from Banana Republic called the Feather Touch Ruffle-Cuff Turtleneck. I’m so in love with the flared sleeves and ruffled turtle neck.

The metallic heel booties are from Zara. They were a birthday gift from my coworkers!

Find similar earrings here, and here.

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